The Tamarind Sihanoukville - The Beach

Ochheuteal Beach

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Ochheuteal Beach has now become a popular beach for foreign tourists and locals alike. Those who visited a few years ago will find that Ochheuteal Beach has undergone a marked change. It is now a  veritable destination in its own right in SE Asia. Garbage is removed daily, empty bottles and cans are collected (mostly by children who sell them), the sand is cleaned daily, the water has been tested and found to be very clean. The beach is about 10 -15 m wide. There is a long row of restaurants along the beach. The restaurants and bars there put up beach lounges, umbrellas, and small side tables. For the most part they are free of charge. There is a paved walkway separating the restaurants from the beach. Like in all major tourist spots in the world quite a few hawkers crowd the walkway and the beach selling anything from fake designer shades to foot or body massages. If you are bothered by this, just shoo them away. But please don't forget this is a very poor country and for some this is the only source of income.

The swimming areas are marked clearly so that jet-skis won’t be a danger to you. The surf is usually just water lapping onshore, but can become rough when winds kick up. Caution is advised during those periods, especially during the rainy season.